Leadership Retreat

Engaging Leaders To Expand Success

Leadership retreats stand out as one of the most critical type of meeting we support. When an organization gathers together its senior leaders, every minute matters. The impact that can be created is significant – when the retreat is carefully planned and executed. This is an opportunity to capture executives’ combined knowledge, align them around shared goals, develop solutions to issues, and introduce and shape business strategies.

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Challenges Involved

Selecting the venue may be one of the first decisions that has to be made due to long lead times in securing preferred locations. However, two even more important questions must be asked early on to drive smart event planning:

  • What is the retreat’s purpose and desired outcomes for participants?

  • What important takeaways do you want them to share about the retreat?

The answers will influence the retreat’s format so the content and activities are coherent, focused and integrated. We think of it as purposeful planning.

Another important perspective to consider is how you engage participants before, during and after the retreat. If you involve them with pre-meeting reading materials, a webcast or survey, you’ll know more about their expectations and they’ll be ready to contribute more thoughtfully at the retreat. We will also help you develop event elements that keep them actively involved during the retreat and extend the value afterword with effective post-event strategies.

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Results And How We Help

While one of our core strengths revolves around event management logistics – securing the place, managing on-site facility teams and coordinating room and event set up details, our team at Iron Peacock Events goes well beyond those important but still fundamental services.

We partner with our clients to help design activities and interactions that fit different learning styles. We look for creative, high- and low-tech ways to capture their ideas, engage them in problem-solving and gain their commitment. Not only do we worry about feeding your executive team well, we also share your concern for ensuring they accomplish more than just taking notes and filling up flip charts.

Successful leadership retreats are all about enabling participants to drive the organization’s success even farther as a result of the experience.