Product Launch

Making A Splash With Your Product Launch

Like proud parents-to-be your company is almost ready to introduce your new product to the world. How you launch it will generate either a big cannonball splash or a small ripple in the marketplace. To achieve a dramatic sales-inducing impact, you must begin building anticipation about what’s to come even before your launch event. Social media and blogs by marketing influencers offer accessible, affordable promotional angles. The buzz they generate will help get your audience ready and eager for the great reveal. The announcement event itself should be carefully staged to deliver an exciting, hands-on experience for your attendees and soon to be customers.

Challenges Involved

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One of your important event challenges will involve deciding the best ways to demonstrate what makes your product unique and worthy of prospects attention. Convey that in the clearest possible ways and reflect it in your theme, location and activities. Selecting a venue that creates the right atmosphere is critical. For a major software app roll out, is there a new hotel with ultra-modern flair that would wow savvy techno types? Or how about a concert hall to reflect harmonic balance for a new skin care product line? With the assistance of our expert event planners you can create even more excitement and attract more attendees with an appearance by a celebrity, an intriguing futurist, or a sought-after industry expert.

Another strategic challenge centers around creating a sense of exclusivity and personalization. Who will you invite? Are you including influencers who can help commercialize your product after they see it in action? What will you incorporate in the event to appeal to the wants and needs of your very special audience? How will you make the launch unique, exciting and entertaining for them?

Results And How We Help

Our specialists at Iron Peacock Events partner with you to address all these potential challenges and ensure your plans add up to a successful product launch. We can recommend optimal times and places to hold your event and factor in seasonal considerations. We recommend incredible venues across the country and have connections with local event experts.  

Our team will engage industry game changers, luminaries and other coveted speakers who can inspire your guests and be authentic advocates for your new offering. We can turn you launch into a brand roadshow traveling from city to city in big rigs, make it snow and hold Jeopardy-style contests to support themed events.

No matter how spectacular you want your product launch to be, we have the expertise to bring it to life. We’ve done it many times before, and are ready to make it happen for you too!