Incentive Trip

Reward Employees With Unique Bucket-List Trips

How do you recognize top-performing employees so they feel special and valued? Set up a unique incentive trip, one that offers exclusive once-in-a-lifetime experiences and creates memories they’ll cherish. At the same time, the trip will offer opportunities to build lasting connections with other outstanding team members and pride in the company.

When done well, incentive trips are a guaranteed motivational home run. In a recent survey 65% of employees said they appreciate incentive trips more than any other reward. That represents a potential return on investment that will literally pay for itself.

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Challenges Involved

Choosing the right destination must be done well in advance. It’s best to start plans about 18 months before the target time frame for an incentive trip. Coveted locations change over time so you may want to survey your target groups to see what resonates with them. Such as:

  • An exclusive tour of Italian vineyards

  • An excursion to Iceland’s spectacular glaciers and waterfalls

  • An escape to a high-end wilderness adventure in the Canadian Rockies

How can you tap into local experts, access extraordinary music and serve up specialty cuisines by top chefs to amplify a sense of exclusivity, going beyond the typical tourist experience? What will it take to “Wow” participants and let them know the company considers them members of an elite group?

Creating an extraordinary incentive trip that also fits within your budget can be challenging, but that’s where the experienced travel specialists at Iron Peacock Events come in. We know how to amaze incentive trip participants and energize them to embrace even bigger performance challenges when they’re back in the office, all while working within pre-established budgets.

Results And How We Help

Not only does our team of travel experts know which destinations offer exceptional experiences, we have access to local contacts who can help personalize trip details for your group. We arrange the entire itinerary incorporating ways to explore the local culture while creating unusual team-building experiences. That could be a cooking class to learn how to make authentic Italian bolognese or sushi rolls or a wellness-inspired tour along centuries-old hiking paths.

We consider the pace and rhythm of the trip, building in time for group interactions with executives along with free time for participants to do their own exploring. At each stop along the itinerary we place welcome gifts in participants’ rooms that reflect the local culture. We strongly believe in a “surprise and delight” approach. Fun team activities and experiential learning are integrated into each day’s activities.