Roadshow Events

Staff Roadshow Events - Meet Your Team Where They Are!

Roadshows are company events that are taken literally on-the-road across the country or globally. Roadshows effectively spread the word when the content is best conveyed face to face in smaller groups, when executives want to interact directly with field team members, or, when it’s not practical to bring your staff to a single location at one time.

Roadshows meet a variety of needs, such as better interaction, small group training, and improved communication about critical corporate changes. Executive teams show their interest and dedication to local or regional staff when they leave headquarters to interact with team members where they live and work.  Road shows also help close the gap between “them” and “us” through personal interaction and dedicated small group time.

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The Challenge

Creating a single meeting and event on time, on task and on budget with great results is challenging enough. Roadshows multiply the tasks that have to be juggled simultaneously across the different locations where they take place. Content can be tricky because you want to unify the message and the experience across geographies and at the same time, incorporate unique differences that require a more tailored approach.

Results And How We Help

Following our strategic event design method begins by defining why a roadshow is being considered. Once the “why” is established, we will create the “how” and the results you want.

Working with us, you have one expert project manager to communicate with. They will replicate your roadshow across all destinations and manage the myriad of suppliers and vendors for each location. We are uniquely structured with a network of experienced meeting professionals in every metropolitan area of the country, giving you local expertise on a national scale!

That’s why our clients already trust us with over 300 roadshows each year.

Let’s Hit The Road!