Annual Corporate Kickoff Meeting

Annual Kickoff Meeting - Start The Year Right; Focus On Year-End Results.

Annual corporate kickoff meetings are one of the best ways to focus your organization and rally employees around the company's strategic goals for the year. Creating a successful annual company conference is also a huge task. The calendar seems to leap to January with precious little time to strategically design your kickoff meeting. The event date looms and the pressure mounts with hundreds of tasks that need to be completed. Company executives and event invitees are watching expectantly. Having little time and limited in-house resources available, you may be feeling overwhelmed.

Will this meeting be your last stand or your greatest accomplishment? We make sure it’s the latter.

Clarity For Continued Success

Together, we will lay out a strategy to motivate participants through clear communications and a compelling, collaborative, face-to-face experience. Collectively, you want the team to bid farewell to the past year by celebrating wins and learning from challenges.

Then the event needs to focus on the coming year! From a big-picture perspective, participants need to internalize both the company's near-term goals and its longer-term vision. Engaging your team with clear messages will energize and motivate them to do their part to successfully arrive at the year-end vision.

The company’s trajectory needs to be set skillfully. Tools need to be provided, along with opportunities for personal engagement. Skill building, awards, product and service training may be included in the content mix.

By the end of your conference, every participant should be immersed in their roles, and goals for supporting the company’s success. Getting everyone pulling in the same direction with the same vision creates a powerful ripple effect. By engaging their hearts and minds, your event will drive success that continues well past the kickoff. That kind of lasting impact will make your event even bigger and better than last year’s kickoff meeting.

Event Results You Want

Like great sports teams, to win with events, you have to huddle and bring your participants into the action. Our event design method determines how the meeting supports your goals, who to design the experience for, and what the event journey will look like. Most importantly, it will call all participants to act and deliver the results you want. From the theme to speakers, activities and event sessions, there will be no doubt about where the company is headed and how each participant should be focused and engaged.