User/Member Conference

Energize Users And Members With A Motivating Conference

There are thousands of user/member conferences held each year. To stand out from the crowd it takes a special approach and offering. Start with a clear purpose and event design strategy that gives your target audience compelling reasons to invest their time, attention and money to attend your event. Content covering in-demand topics, hot issues and industry trends is a great start. You may want to add a special offer on your product or services for participants who attend. Your conference holds tremendous power to generate new business leads and strengthen connections with current clientele. There are some big “if’s” involved however, to ensure success.

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Challenges Involved

What will you do to energize attendees with new ideas and information? How are you going to position your company and its products and services as industry leaders without being heavy handed? We are by your side to navigate all the challenges and complexities. You may need to use a survey, social media posts or inquiries with industry contacts to test the waters. Your network of thought leaders offers a built-in resource to help select insightful speakers who will intrigue audiences and sponsors. Create excitement that drives registrations by generating marketing buzz with your target community well before the event.

Results And How We Help

We’ll work with you to focus on all the details from the audience’s perspective. You want them to receive a VIP experience! Curate the content and organize the event with a cadence and flow that connects presentations and workshop discussions. Allow time for attendees to catch their breath, network, discuss what they’re hearing, and even check their emails. Event location is critical to draw participants and we’ll manage all the details to keep the quality going with the food selections, promotions, giveaways, and other event elements.

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Along with all these complexities, we know you need to keep your budget on track. Our project management includes creating an initial budget to align your pricing with your attendance targets. Our ongoing financial management keeps you on top of actual costs with real-time tracking and reporting every step of the way.

Our specialists at Iron Peacock Events use our proven methodology to help develop your conference strategy. We ask the tough questions, anticipate the issues based on our years of event planning experience, and challenge you to integrate the big-picture goals with the details  We then help implement plans, promotions and programs to attract and engage participants who’re passionate about the content you’re offering. Along the way, we make sure you can access answers in real time about how everything is going. That includes getting feedback from event participants and reporting the results so you can proudly update your organization’s executives about your successful event.