Open House Event

Open Your Doors To Customers And Build Relationships!

When you want to get to know your customers and prospects, hold an Open House event. It is a great way to show them your facility and educate them about your company, products and services. The goal is to have a good time together, build connections and do some brand building of the softer kind. No hard sales pitches allowed!

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Challenges Involved

You will be tempted to make this a big sales opportunity.. Resist the urge! You’ll reap longer-term benefits if you keep this simple and hassle free for attendees. The challenges involve when to hold the open house, who to invite, and how to make it special with food, décor and activities. Consider making your Open House a family affair; that’s sure to break down business formalities and foster a healthy dose of goodwill.

Results And How We Help

We will design an Open House that is a fun, easy event for you and your staff. We develop the overall event plan and suggest themes to pull everything together.

Our approach is to give people great reasons to come – and give them a special experience they will want to talk about!

The food served must be appealing and impressive. Skip the hot dogs and go for catered barbecue from a popular local restaurant. Or invest in some steaks and have your executives grill them on site. We’ll make suggestions that are budget friendly but avoid the curse of being ordinary. Adding fun games, interactive displays and drawings for cool giveaways will be part of the mix.

Staging and staff participation makes a difference too. We help prepare your team to be greeters as guests arrive and thank them for coming when all the fun wraps up.  

You can also count on us to find creative ways to refresh your Open House with new activities the next year, so people can’t wait to come again.