Strategic Event Design

Strategic Events, By Design - The Blueprint For Your Success

Strategic event design is like a blueprint for building a home. A great deal of time and planning is dedicated to a home’s features and how it functions and fulfills the needs of each family member. Once determined, those features become a blueprint that guides construction and results in a home built to perfectly match the family and their budget. All the strategic decisions are made before any supplies are purchased, before any tasks begin, or a before single nail is driven. A builder wouldn’t dream of starting to build without a blueprint! You should only begin the construction phase of your meeting or event once you have a solid and strategic plan in hand.

The Master Plan - We design Your Event For Results

Strategic event design focuses on achieving your company goals as well as the goals of your participants. By bringing the two together, we design an experience that meets the needs of both. The planning process starts by setting event objectives, both tangible and intangible aimed at both groups. Those goals become the blueprint, kept at the forefront to guide decisions as every facet of the event is created.

To achieve those goals your event must motivate your participants to engage and take desired action. They have their own personal thoughts and goals. The question becomes: How can we engage and inspire your audience to learn, take action or change to support the goals? What have they invested to be here? What do they want to accomplish? Participants leave work and home to travel to the meeting, they invest time and money to attend. The value they derive from the event must outweigh the costs or it’s a non-starter. For the event to be “worth it” to the participant, we’ll give them what they need by understanding their world and delivering event personalization.

To deliver event personalization, we work with you to segment your participants into groups by pre-event behavior, ideals, attitudes and needs. We determine what post-event change should occur to give the participants the win they need most. Success for your participants creates a strong bond between them and your company and brand. Equipped with the intel we’re ready to begin building a maximum-return event designed with features required to resonate with each group.

The Construction Phase

Grounded solidly in your goals and with a deep understanding of your participants, we customize a personalized event journey to drive them to the end goal. The blueprint guides content, session types, learning style, environments and many other logistics to come together like a customized home, equipped with every feature.

Every participant should leave your event with a unique experience, improving their life and inspiring them to act. In turn, your company will have proven, measured, and reported value, delivered by an engaging event.

Steps To Strategic Event Design By Iron Peacock Events


  • Align event goals and company goals.

  • Determine event performance measurements.

Event Design

  • Create participant groups based on their needs, “before” and “after” behaviors.

  • Plan to engage participants through personalized event communications and content.

  • Create the event logistics to deliver content and experiences in the most effective environment.

Project Management

  • Incorporate tools and technology for solid planning and financial management.

  • Coordinate consistent team calls, timelines, and budget status review.

  • On-Site Execution

    • Deliver unexpected environments that contribute to each agenda item.

    • Integrate interactions, networking, immediate feedback and on-the-fly sessions.

  • Post Event

    • Capture short-term measurements by conducting surveys.

    • Measure longer-term goals about content integration of content, learning, and revenue impact.

    • Revise and optimize for the next event based on all data and feedback.

Need an event architect? Contact us. We will create the blueprint for your success.