Trade Show Booth Staff Training For High Return

Trade Show Booth Staff Training - Critical To Your Event Results

After completing our trade show booth staff training, we are willing to bet your staff could be placed in a small, average booth and vastly outperform the biggest, best looking booth on the trade show floor whose staffers are not trained for the trade show environment.

The Challenge

An amazing booth may initially attract attention with branding and graphics but if the staff doesn’t effectively engage attendees they walk right by. Or worse, prospects walk into your booth, don’t get what they need from staff and leave feeling disconnected with your brand.

You’ve made a significant investment in an amazing booth. You’ve marketed your participation and covered all the logistical details and travel costs associated to attend. Without also investing in booth staff training, you will fail to realize the highest return on your valuable resources.

This Is An Easy Fix

Our trade show staff training program is based on methodology we’ve developed over decades. We customize the training based on your specific show, booth environment, and the goals you set for the trade show. In the training, participants will set their personal goals for the show, learn by doing, and practice interaction skills through role play and fun competitions. Partner with us to maximize results at your next trade show.

Very much enjoyed your (trades show booth staff) training. Having attended trade shows for 25 years, been the exhibit manager at previous companies and working with (our trade show team) in my present role, I found the training to be of extremely high value. Having this caliber of insight into trade show execution will pay off immensely. I am glad we engaged Iron Peacock Events. I learned a lot, took five pages of notes and will be sure to share with my Team before our next defense show.
— Pat Gray, Edmund Optics
EOPW19 Staff Pic.JPG
I heard many if not all of my booth staff members using their elevator pitch and moving quickly into what the customer needed so as to assist them. There also demonstrated other things they learned, like being conscious of what they were doing with their hands while they were standing in the booth and not turning their backs on the aisle to talk with their colleagues. We came away from the show with over 1,000 leads which is up 285% from 2018!
— Natalie Garvey, Edmund Optics
EOPW19 Booth Pic.png