Client Roadshow Events

Client Roadshow Events - Meet Your Clients Locally!

Take Your Brand To The People

Roadshow events are a great way to literally take your company’s message and brand on-the-road. They can be organized simultaneously or in a sequential series across the country and globally. Roadshows effectively spread the word when the content is best conveyed face to face in smaller groups or when bringing your participants to a single location at the same time is not practical.

Roadshows are an event marketing tool you can utilize for a variety of purposes. You can announce new products and services, introduce a new leadership team, recognize outstanding teams or give demonstrations that show how your company is addressing the latest industry trends.

Along with connecting with customers, road shows allow executive teams to show their interest in local or regional staff by leaving their headquarters and visiting with valued field teams. The personal interactions make all the difference when you want to build bridges and strengthen teams.

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The Challenge

Creating a single meeting and event on time, on task and on budget with great results is challenging enough. Roadshows multiply the tasks you juggle simultaneously across the cities where they take place. Content can be tricky because you want to unify the message and the experience across geographies but there may be unique differences that require a more tailored approach. And, while your goals may be to increase sales and customer satisfaction, you must approach the content so that it provides direct value to participants through education or industry insights. That is why they will come!

Results And How We Help

Our strategic event design method begins by defining the “why” behind your events. What are your company’s goals and what is the strategic link between the Roadshow events and your overarching goal? Who are the clients and prospects you want to target with the Roadshow? What problems can we solve for them and how should we structure the program format to deliver value for your participants? What will entice them to come? What do you want them to walk away saying, feeling, and doing? And finally, how will we measure the success for your company and for your audience?

Working with us you communicate with a single dedicated expert project manager. She will replicate your roadshow across all destinations and manage the myriad of suppliers and vendors for each location freeing you up to focus on serving your customers.

We are uniquely structured with a network of experienced meeting professionals in every metropolitan area of the country. That gives us local expertise on a national scale! That’s why our clients already trust us with over 300 roadshows each year!

Let’s Hit The Road!