About Iron Peacock Events 

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Our Corporate Event Planners Are Experts Focused On Your Results - With Just A Pinch Of Crazy Mixed In.

Where Did The Name Iron Peacock Events Come From?

People often ask us that question. Our name reflects our belief that successful event execution requires expertise in two very opposite disciplines. It’s science and art. Our name represents our unique ability to work in both areas.

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First, the Iron. Our process is based on solid project management protocols, structured and process driven with a sharp focus on your end goals and results. It isn’t sexy, but it is a vital base. This foundation keeps your events on track and on budget with real return on investment.

Second, the Peacock. Events bring together people, creatures who are a combination of complex emotions that can be expressed in dramatic, even colorful ways. We also have five senses that react to the world around us, along with needs, concerns, and fears. Events must be skillfully designed to engage, inspire, and motivate participants to an end result. They need to evoke emotion and create a visceral response that pulls on the heartstrings. They should solve a problem and draw a picture of the end result that is seen and felt. The creativity, the wow, the inspiration that leaves a lasting impression – that’s the peacock in action!